photographer Keith brighouse





I’m a fine artist who a few years ago adopted photography as my chosen medium, as opposed to my previous paints and printing. This has not changed my attitude to creativity and creating on the melting of the knife so to speak.

When it comes to photography, a friend once said of me, I’m like a laboratory anthropologist. I put a person in a cage and observe their actions. I’m not sure that analogy does justice to anthropologists but I’ve realized it’s something my photography work has evolved into. However, as with all creative processes, the target is always moving and the most exciting work is always just over the horizon.


I think the moment you set out to make art you end up making a product. It took me a long time to realize "making art" and "being creative" are two different things. Creativity means questioning convention, not seeking approval of ones peers, it is about ploughing your own furrow regardless. I'm happy with art photography as a process as much as any resulting product. It is all about the ephemera of every day and not being too precious. What I do is what it is, a love note, a diary, a rant, a joke, a tall story, an expletive and an unwanted pass. Of course it is rewarding should someone like my work but it is not the reason I do it, it is the icing on the cake.

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