photographer Keith brighouse



performance art

In performance work, I give the model a task and permission to improvise within the boundaries of that task. This is usually both videoed and photographed. It was photographing performance work that got me interested in using photography in other spheres of creativity.



I created a set on the beach at Scheveningen for a photo shoot with Philemon Mukarno doing a sort of improvised buttoh dance.


We then realised it would probably make an interesting video for projecting in a gallery. Anyway, this is the result, you can judge for yourselves. The music is Pictures Fade by Ben Woods.


A video made for gallery projection. As with most art it is ambiguous with a lot of conscious contradictions within it.


This is a photoshoot of a performance piece where Miya Sato was asked to draw around herself. The most important part of the work was the process, with the photos and resulting drawing being evidence of the process that had taken place.


It is an attempt to capture the sensuality of mapping out personal space with graphic line. If we have succeeded or not is for the viewers to make up their own minds.



This video originated from a photo session I had with model Miya Sato. After the photo session I said we have just missed making a good video. So we did the photo session again but this time instead of making photos, I made a video. It came about as simple as that.


Designed by: LUSINA |2018